Yard Maintenance

Take back your weekends!

Let Elite LawnCare Services take over the maintenance of your yard.

When you partner with Elite Lawn Care Services you can rest assured that we’ll be providing the foundation necessary for a healthy landscape year-round.

When it comes to lawn maintenance we offer a couple of different options: Basic service or Premium service. Basic Service: This plan includes weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) mowing and edge trimming, weeding, and blowing off the walkways. The cost for weekly service is $45 for yards that are up to 2,000 sq ft and $15 for each additional 1,000 sq ft. The size of your lawn will be rounded off in 500 sq ft increments and the area will include lawn areas as well as beds since we are also working to keep the bed areas maintained. If you prefer service to be performed every other week the cost per visit would be an additional $15 since we spend more time on yards that are only serviced every other week.


Our premium service includes all of the foregoing services included in the basic service, and also includes seasonal fertilizer for your lawn and regular shrub trimming maintenance as needed. The cost for this service will depend on how much time we anticipate spending on shrub maintenance so we will need to take a look at your property prior to providing you with a written bid.


Also, when we take on a new yard maintenance customer we want to be sure that we are getting your lawn in the condition that we expect to keep it in from our regular service. Therefore, prior to beginning regular service we would want to first assess your lawn, and provide you with a written bid for doing a one-time yard cleanup before we take you on as a regular customer. We want your lawn to look perfect for you and for us, because when we take care of your lawn we are also putting our name behind it and our business success depends on people asking you, “who takes care of your lawn?”

Recommended Yard Care Schedule