How Adding Peat Moss Benefits The Lawn Renovation Process

PeatMossBenefits-EliteLawnCareThe benefits of peat moss are surprisingly vast, not just for the garden, but to the environment as a whole. Peat regularly thrives in peat bogs and is a soft, lighter version of regular soil. It has a crumbly texture with many fibers that allow it to absorb lots of water and nutrients, releasing them as needed.

Peat moss is a natural, organic soil conditioner that regulates moisture and air around plant roots and will also protect grass seed from wind, rain, and birds. The most important benefit of peat moss is the material’s absorbency. Peat moss retains water much better than average soil, which helps to keep grass seed moist during the germination process. Peat moss provides the cell structure of an ideal sponge for nutrient and water absorption. It will absorb them or add them to the ground over time, depending on what you saturate the peat moss with. It can add much-needed nutrients to your plants through the soil as a type of time-release fertilizer. Peat moss can also hold 20 times its weight in moisture, so it acts as a time-release for watering as well.

The primary benefits of peat moss are:

  1. High water holding capacity. Peat moss retains up to 20 times its weight in moisture, and releases it slowly as plants need it.
  2. The spongy fibrous structure in peat moss helps to aerate heavy clay soils.
  3. By adding body, peat moss helps to improve the structure of sandy soil and improve moisture and nutrient retention.
  4. Peat moss protects soil from hardening and adds organic material.
  5. It is an ideal growing medium ingredient for vegetables, flowers, and lawns.

Properties of Peat Moss:

GrassRoots-EliteLawnCareSphagnum peat moss is so lightweight that after it is removed from its bales and watered it expands to twice its original size. Additionally, peat moss decomposes very slowly and is always free of pesticides, insects and other plants such as weed upon purchase.

When added to soil, peat moss benefits many different types of soil. For heavy, clay-like soil, peat moss can help aerate and loosen it up. This in turn allows proper healthy root growth. For sandy or loamy soils, peat moss adds more substance and body, helping the soil retain moisture and nutrients. Peat moss also protects soil from obtaining a crusty surface, which deters moisture retention.

To further enhance the effects of peat moss on the lawn renovation process we blend our peat moss with high quality topsoil and sand, which causes it to become our very own propriety EarthMix Blend. The topsoil that we use contains 2/3 Pacific Garden Mulch and 1/3 sand that is processed through a ½” screen. This product is designed as a soil
amendment for clay like soils that need improved drainage qualities and increased organic material. By mixing Peat Moss, pacific garden mulch, and sand together, and then spreading a very thin layer of the Earthmix Blend on your lawn after it has been dethatched and aerated you can be assured that your lawn is getting the nutrients that are required in order to enhance the results of the lawn renovation process.

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